User Rights / Roles


  • apply these settings in administration (user profile)
  • rights are assigned system-wide / cross-platform



Users only have access to your employee app, but not to the administration interface.



Editors can access the administration and edit all plugins system-wide, including news and pages. Additionally they can see the dashboard and manage comments and the app's menu.

Managing Editor


Managing editors can additionally create new news channels and other plugins, edit their access rights or delete them.



Administrators have full access to the administration of the employee app. This includes management of users and groups, as well as general settings for the organization and branding of the app.


Content specific

  • apply these rights in news-channel, pages oder plugins settings
  • rights are applied to the specific content only



for news-channels

Authors can not only read the contents of this channel, they can also publish and edit their own posts. Unlike administrators and editors they are not allowed to edit posts of other users and do not have access to the administration panel.


for single content

Editors can access the settings of a defined news-channel, page or plugin. They can create, edit and remove content. Furthermore they have access to evaluations (e.g. forms). They have limited access to the administration panel.


User group management

  • apply these rights to existing groups



for single groups

Admins are able to add or delete users from groups and can delete the group itself. They have limited access to the administration panel.